After 13 Amazing Years, the War Room Mastermind is Closing

With a combination of gratefulness, sadness, and pure, unbridled excitement for the future, we can officially announce that the October 25 – 26 War Room meeting in Austin, TX will be our final War Room mastermind meeting.

After 13 incredible years…it’s time.

From the moment we announced War Room at the very first Traffic & Conversion Summit in 2009, we knew we had something special. The first members in that very first group weren’t just great entrepreneurs, they were great people. And that culture of “good people helping each other do their best work” continued as our little motley crew of internet entrepreneurs ballooned into one of the most successful and powerful business masterminds in the world.

We’re proud of War Room. We’re proud of the impact it’s made, and we’re proud of the role we’ve been able to play in the upleveling of so many lives. But mostly, we’re grateful. We’re grateful for each and every one of you who has made this group the incredible blessing it’s been in our businesses and in our lives.

But while this may be the end of War Room, we hope this is not the end of our journey together. And it is with that goal in mind that we can now announce some new mastermind offerings that we believe will better align with the goals of our own businesses and the goals of the entrepreneurs we love serving and want to continue serving.

OPTION 1: Driven Mastermind w/ Perry Belcher

Perry’s Driven Mastermind is focused purely on growth, as this is his strong suit. Driven is for the “Hunter” style entrepreneur who is scrappy, independent, and never satisfied. Unlike War Room, Driven is more of a faculty-driven model with a broad diversity of business minds with very specific skill sets. As with most things Perry does his group is likely to be not very politically correct, raw, and a lot of fun. Click here to see if it’s a fit for you: 

OPTION 2: Founders Board X w/ Ryan, Roland, and Richard

Founders Board is a framework-driven mastermind and coaching program hosted by Ryan, Roland, and Richard. It’s built for 7, 8, and 9-figure Founder/CEOs who want to systemize their business so they can grow and scale their Sales, Profits, AND Value and achieve their “ideal exit” in the next 2 – 3 years. Click here for more details on the Founders Board experience:

…or Option 3: All of the above! (No one said you had to pick just one.) 🙂

Whichever option you choose, our sincere hope is that you choose something. 

Entrepreneurship is a lonely life, and we all need peers and mentors who can help us break through bottlenecks, hold us accountable, commiserate on our losses, and celebrate our wins.

For 13 years, War Room was that place, and while War Room may be ending, the mastermind will continue. We hope to see you there. 

The War Room Partners

Ryan Deiss

Perry Belcher

Richard Lindner

Roland Frasier