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How Will I Make Money As A WR Member?

Beyond everything listed on this page, joining the War Room will revolutionize your business, and it will probably start day 1. We’ve had countless testimonials from members who multiplied their business and hit benchmarks with a single takeaway at their first meeting. The content itself help plug gaps within your company walls and accelerate your team. But the connections, partnerships, and deals struck outside the room are unparalleled. Finally, you will have direct access to our guest speakers, the brightest minds and most successful entrepreneurs in the world. The biggest challenge you’ll face, is where to start! Of cours… we can help with that too.

What Companies Are A Good Fit For The War Room Program?

War Room is a collection of business owners in dozens of different industries—from Ecommerce to real estate, to full service digital agencies to physical products. We even have members who are medical doctors and venture capitalists. If you’re in the digital space, War Room has a collection of business owners in similar circumstances looking to 10x, just like you.

As A War Room Member, What Level Of Access Will I Have To The Team?

Team? Should your application be approved, you will have direct access to Roland Frasier, Perry Belcher, Ryan Deiss, Richard Lindner, their team, plus all the knowledge and insight from each. What’s more, is you will have direct interaction with the our guest speakers, who are titans of their industries.


How Many War Room Members Are Currently In The Program?

We have around 200 members and partners in War Room.


What Kind Of Investment Is Required To Be A War Room Member?

A yearly financial commitment. But most importantly, War Room members share their strategies, ‘Ah-Ha moments,’ expertise, and processes with the group. It’s more than a meeting, it’s a collection of hyper-successful business owners who are here to improve + scale, but also share + develop.


What Happens After I’m Approved As A War Room Member?

If your application is approved, you will be introduced to the group, our staff, and officially on-boarded. You’ll physically receive a new member package, have access to every single past meeting + slides & tools from each. You will also be added to our member portal, where you will find these assets, and introduced in the Facebook group. Lastly, you will be officially announced at the next event and welcomed by the group.


Can I Bring A Business Partner To War Room Meetings?

If you choose the membership package that includes a partner, he/she will be able to attend any and all meetings with or without you. Your partner is essentially another member of the group.

PS: You can send a member of your staff to the topical intensives. IE Your Director of Content can physically attend the ‘Copy, Offers, + Reverse Engineering’ workshop. For more information on this, scroll up to the Employee Training Center section.


What Happens If I Can’t Attend A Meeting?

Things come up, life happens, especially in your seat as a business owner! We understand. ALL of our content is recorded and uploaded to the member’s portal where you can never miss a moment. We even livestream the meetings & intensives (technology permitting).


Is There Exclusivity Or Can My Competitors Join This Group As Well?

This group shares their strategies & tactics with each other, often from stage. We fully understand if you have an issue with a direct competitor. Should your application be approved and you see that there may be a problem, please let us know and we will be sure to refund your membership. The integrity of the group is our number one priority, and we will respect a conflict of interest. 


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